Small Details, Big Results With Kitchen Cabinet Handles

You may find yourself standing in your kitchen one day and thinking, “This needs a little change.” How do you do this without replacing cabinets, changing countertops, or buying new appliances? A simple change may be enough to do a quick update – replace your kitchen cabinet handles. Even if you are making a big change–designing a kitchen in a brand-new house or taking on a complete remodel, the cabinet hardware you choose makes a statement.

With the wide range of options in kitchen cabinet handles, your can create many different looks. But take care with the installation. Installing the handles properly will give you look you want – a well-executed, integrated design for the room that is the gathering place in your home.

If you are adding knobs, your project is a little simpler than if you are adding handles. When you attach knobs, you make a single hole in each cabinet door and drawer face in your kitchen. But if you are using cabinet handles, the installation needs extra attention to detail to get you the perfect results you want.

Unless you are willing to fill the existing holes drilled for the handles, be sure that the drawer handles you select to replace the old ones will fit in the existing holes. Measure the distance between the two holes, or to be certain, bring an old handle to the home improvement store and compare them to the ones you are considering. In addition to the distance between the two bolts, consider the length of the bolts on the kitchen cabinet handles you select. Look for a perfect fit; a bolt that is too short or too long won’t attach securely to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Doing this prevents a mistake that costs you time on the job.

If you are replacing old kitchen handles, it’s as simple as removing all the old hardware and adding on the new. You have no holes to make, no concerns with drilling incorrectly, and no mess to clean up. It’s a quick and satisfying upgrade.

If you are adding cabinet handles to new cabinets, you need to plan your project. Work carefully, and you will enjoy the results.

A good thing about adding these handles to new cabinets is you can choose whatever size you want. Still, be sure that the bolts provided with the kitchen cabinet handles are long enough to fit through the face of the drawers and doors.

When it’s time to pull out your tools and install the new handles, consider investing in a template that helps you place the hardware perfectly. These templates are inexpensive, and they help you perfectly align that row or column of drawer handles. Sure, you can do the math, measure carefully, and get good results without using the template. But if you’ve got a large kitchen and dozens of pieces of hardware to install, consider using this time-saving tool.

Your kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so take some precautions before you drill. Even when you measure carefully, your eye is the best judge to see if the kitchen cabinet handles look right. Look at the alignment before you drill. If it doesn’t look right, adjust the placement as necessary to have the alignment look right.

Place a small square of masking tape over the spots where you will drill holes, and mark the exact drill spot with pencil. Slowly drilling through the masking tape helps prevent the finish from splintering and being damaged by the drill bit.